Achievements through Agriculture Projects:

  • Converted 10000 conventional farmers into organic farmers
  • Adopted organic farming in 40 villages of Atmakur and Geesugonda mandals.
  • Promoted mutually aided co-operative society for organic cotton growers
  • Collective marketing of the agriculture produce with a premium price
  • Promoted sustainable Non Pesticide Management practices in 20 villages
  • Formation of 70 farmer clubs
  • Improved livelihoods for 1000 tribal farmers through mango and Amla Plantation
  • Established convergence with Government departments for the subsidized supply of Vermi compost beds, green nets, kitchen garden seeds etc.

Achievements through Health Projects:

  • Catered health services to 20000 people free of cost
  • 5000 family planning operations had been done
  • Created awareness on health, nutrition and immunization in 5 urban slums of Kazipet
  • Increased the percentage of institutional deliveries
  • Trained 30 traditional birth attendants on safe deliveries and supplied traditional delivery kits.
  • Established 5 drop in centers (DIC’s).
  • Conducted Health camps and health clinics for truck drivers and provided treatment to prevent HIV/AIDS
  • Increased awareness among 1750 MSM’s and 1250 Female sex workers

Achievements through Education Programs:

  • Identified and rescued child labour in various places and admitted in Rehabilitation schools.
  • Established 25 literacy centers for dalit and tribal women
  • Established 25 information centers in Dalit and Tribal areas equipped with the books of general knowledge, job opportunities and vocational trainings.
  • Increased female literacy to 55.69 percent

Achievements through community based livelihood activities:

  • 200 unemployed youth were given skill development trainings
  • Improved the Livelihoods of Farmers, fisherman, livestock rearers, Washer men by enhancing the capacity of storage of water to the optimum level
  • 16 community based irrigation tanks are managed
  • 5000 beneficiaries utilized the Revolving fund towards the purchase of livestock and fish nets, establishing provision stores, tailoring shops, pan shops and motor winding workshop
  • 1000 families were motivated and supported to construct sanitary Latrines
  • Distributed 1400 smokeless chullas to the women of the tribal community.
  • 20 Youth clubs were formed and registered
  • Organized periodical sports meets to the tribal youth.

Achievements through Women Empowerment Programs:

  • 45 Adolescent Girls have been given ANM training and other Vocational Trainings
  • 150 Tribal women got sustainable income through Basket, hats and garland making with Palmyra leaves
  • 100 women were benefitted with alternate income from Milch Animals
  • 200 women were benefitted with Sheep & Goats on interest free loans. 1000 women were benefitted with Poultry Birds.
  • 178 women were benefitted through distribution of free sewing machines and establishing sewing centers
  • Provided interest free loans to 80 widows of farmers for establishing trades
  • Sensitized Men & women on Gender balance
  • Created awareness on issues of Domestic violence, Legal rights and Acts for women.
  • Provided supportive environment to around 3000 women facing domestic violence through counseling.
  • Provided Legal support to 150 women through the organization legal advisor, provided medical support to 75 women, provided shelter to 42 destitute women and supported 80 women through vocational training.
  • Provided loan of Rs. 10,000/- to women survivors to establish petty trades.