Achievements through Women Empowerment Programs:

  • 45 Adolescent Girls have been given ANM training and other Vocational Trainings
  • 150 Tribal women got sustainable income through Basket, hats and garland making with Palmyra leaves
  • 100 women were benefitted with alternate income from Milch Animals
  • 200 women were benefitted with Sheep & Goats on interest free loans. 1000 women were benefitted with Poultry Birds.
  • 178 women were benefitted through distribution of free sewing machines and establishing sewing centers
  • Provided Rs.35,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- interest free loans to 200 widows of farmers for establishing trades
  • Sensitized Men & women on Gender balance
  • Created awareness on issues of Domestic violence, Legal rights and Acts for women.
  • Reconciled 5200 families facing family disturbances through counseling and provided Legal support to 150 women survivors through the organization's legal advisor, provided medical support to 75 women survivors, provided shelter to 94 destitute women and supported 160 women survivors through vocational training.
  • Provided loan of Rs.10,000/- to 35,000/- to 250 women survivors to establish petty trades.