Completed Programs


Women Empowerment

  • Promotion of Gender Sensitive Structures at Telangana.
  • SAKHI –One Stop Centre
  • Vocational Skill Development of Women & Adolescent Girls
  • Livelihoods for Women Managed Families and Widows of Farmers


  • Target Interventions for the Female Sex works , MSM and Transgenders
  • Medical and Health Camps

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Organic Farming
  • Community Based Sustainable agriculture through Non- Pesticide Management.
  • Integrated Pesticide Management

Natural Resource Management

  • Soil & Water Conservation
  • Orchids Plantation in tribal areas
  • Community Based Tank Management

Renewable Energy

  • Promotion of Solar Lighting systems
  • Household level Solar Lanthers Promotion

Consumer Awareness

  • Awareness program on Consumer Rights and Acts
  • Facilitation of Consumer Redressals