List of Networks to which the organization is affiliated

International Agencies  : Government Agencies  :
1. Oxfam GB and European Commission 1. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
2. Western Union Foundation – UK 2. The World Bank through I&CAD, Govt. of India
3. Signpost International – UK 3. Ministry of Consumer Affairs
4. CARE International 4. Ministry of Youth Affairs
5. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 5. Ministry of Environment & Forests
6. Karl Kubel Stiftung and BMZ, Germany 6. Ministry of Tribal Affairs
7. Ministry of Labour Affairs
8. SPICES BOARD, Govt. of India
9. AP State AIDS Control Society
10. Dept of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Telangana
11. District Rural Development Agency
12. District Primary Education Program (DPEP)
13. Telangana State AIDS Control Society
Individual Donors : CSR Projects  :
1. Amitha Choudhary Dholakia, Singapore 1. Usha International Ltd.
2. Y. Shashipal Redddy, Singapore 2. Ballarpur graphics paper products ltd (BGPPL)
Others :
1. Rang De, Bangalore
2. Australian Telangana State Association (ATSA), Australia